Paragraph1: Macbeth “stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more” Macbeth has an extreme amount of desire to know his own fate and if it bodes good or bad for him as he does not hesitate although he may not like what the future holds in store for him since he does not question this so […]

The arguments against torture are futile there is only one way of keeping us safe. Say a terrorist cell is planning an attack and the only way to stop it is to extract information from one of its members, would you want to wait a few days till he cracks? Or a few hours? These […]

In the opening of Macbeth he is portrayed as a fearless warrior and courageous leader but one flaw with this already is he enjoys killing in the battle him and Banquo  were labelled fearless and a true hero in the battle against the thane of Cawdor so in he beginning Macbeth is titled a thane […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I disagree with your interpretation of the girl who tells you she texts “about 250 times a day, or something”. This girl most likely only feels like she texts this many times, but I personally doubt it. This one teenage girl also does not represent the entire teenage generation, so your […]

Flag and At the border both are about how war can force people to leave their home or die to defend it shows what home means to people both poems are actually about the end of a conflict flag is when the a piece of cloth brings a nation to its knees and the border […]

OOTB is a poem based on 9/11. The poem is written from the perspective of a person in the world trade centre at the time of attack in first and second person. In the poem one of the obvious language devices is repetition and rhyming and in the first stanza the protagonist says how you […]

How have structural choices made by the poet enhance our understanding of the themes explored by the poem Hawk Roosting? The hawk is revelling in its own perfection as it rehearses how it wants to kill its prey the second and third stanza show how the hawk believes it is the perfect being and how nature […]

The two poems I will be comparing are ‘Belfast confetti’ and ‘the border’ the two poems are about people affected by war and the consequences it has on people in the border poem a woman is returning to Iraq after a conflict forced her from her home and how she feels about returning home after […]

21st century speech on terrorism terrorism is in my opinion pointless no one has the right to take another persons life for any reason especially against  unarmed men,women and children  there are cults such as IS that don’t abide by these laws.In my opinion it is a dangerous threat due to the fact ordinary people […]

It was a dark stormy night the rain hammered down on my wind shield  I was arriving at the abandoned asylum the lightning cracked the heavens and roared there the water seemed to cover the whole courtyard my window wipers were broken from such downpour then all of the sudden the moon broke through the […]